Arkleen’s HSE policy is significant to our goal of reducing the environmental impact of our operations. Arkleen Oil and Gas Limited has developed a comprehensive system for the management of Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social performance in all areas of operation. The aim is to ensure the safety of all employees, facilities and equipment by eliminating accidents/injuries and promoting safe work practices.

Our continuous improvement in our HSE performance is a direct result of the commitment of management and employees in the implementation of the company’s HSE policy, as well as the philosophy that safety is paramount. Our HSE policy is based on 2 main tenets “there is always time to do it right” and “do it safely or not at all”. We adhere strictly and are compliant with international Health, Safety and Environmental standards in conducting our operations.

HSE Policy
These comprise of a set of company policies, management systems and controls. Our HSE Policy is centered on carrying out our activities in such a way as to:
•  Protect the environment.
•  Play a leading role in promoting best practice in our operations.
•  Ensure all activities are executed in a safe and socially responsible manner.
•  Contribute to the socio economic development of the communities we operate in.
•  Prevent injury and preserve the health and safety of our employees, contractors and members of the public.
•  Ensure strict compliance with the company HSE policy by employees and contractors in conducting operations.
•  Ensure any activity is suspended and investigated when the activity is not being executed in line with the company’s HSE policies.


Our approach

We are committed to social responsibility and take an active interest in local capacity building. The philosophy of Arkleen Oil and Gas is to constantly explore ways to contribute to the well being and lives of the host communities where we operate. This is exemplified through:
•  Educational Initiatives
•  Employment opportunities
•  Procurement/contract awards
•  Health Initiatives
•  Human capital development/skill based training programmes

Community Relations

Arkleen Oil and Gas has developed a policy focused on Community relations and strategy. This aims to deliver solutions that are beneficial to the host communities by identifying ways to improve the well being in the communities we operate in.

•  Community Development: Social investment spending on health initiatives, human capital development, educational initiatives and other economic development programmes.

•  Education: Promoting literacy development projects and providing research and educational sponsorship programmes.

•  Socio-Economic Development: Improving local economies through job creation and building capacity of the local workforce.

•  Health: Improving access to health care by sponsoring health initiatives and awareness programmes.


Our Company places considerable value in its staff and human capital development. We believe that quality service delivery depends on continuous staff training and development. In order to promote capacity building, we incorporate in house training facilities complemented with additional facilities from external educational institutions. This is exemplified by employees participating on training programmes in the UK, India and the United States. This ensures members of staff are up to date with the latest innovations and techniques


Arkleen Oil and Gas Limited is a key promoter of local content policy through its local content spend and development programmes which create a positive multiplier effect on the local economy. Arkleen is committed to the social and economic development of Nigeria and continues to evaluate ways to promote local content policy and improve the existing mutually beneficial relationships with its partners through:

•  The utilization of local contracting and procurement services.

•  Creation of local employment opportunities.

•  Training and development opportunities to promote technology transfer and capacity building.